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Excellent auto repair and maintenance starts with trust. With over 18 years serving Savannah, we pride ourselves on a strong reputation for reliable, honest service. Weather you are a new customer or a life long friend we welcome you to our shop. We understand how tough it is to find a good mechanic and we also know that most of the bad ones have the flashiest websites! We aren’t here to sell you anything or trick you, in fact, we offer tons of good free tips here. We are here to keep your car running the way you need it to run. Please , take your time and check out our site. If you have any questions, please call Cody or Mickey at 912-356-1616 or email them.

Let see if we can’t get you moving right away. Today, would you like to view a list of services we offer? Are you interested in scheduling an appointment? How about getting some directions to our shop? Can we give you some money saving tips and tricks to help keep your car on the road? Or, should we go back into the shop and get some work done and just let you look around… yeah, that sounds better.

“Mickey Carter is owner/operator at this facility. He is an honest guy who does great work. He has worked with Honda’s and other Asian models for many years. I recommend and support him!” -Grant E

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“Mickey is the man. I was sold the very first time. Brought my car into the garage, put it up on the jack. I came back into the garage and he showed me exactly what was going on with the car, and chatted with me about car stuff and racing while he worked on the car. All-knowing about Nissans, he had seen my problem before about a hundred times... Extremely friendly and personable... I've never had anything break again after they fixed it... Best mechanic in Savannah...”