Unlike the large chain stores, we can’t sleep knowing that a job was not well done. This level of dedication (and possible paranoia) is the foundation of our business. We work hard to learn about new technologies and familiarize our technicians with as many services as possible. With that said, here is a partial list of the work we do at our shop. If you don’t see it listed below, please call or email us to check.

Air Conditioning

Our technicians are trained to provide a one stop solution for all of your A/C and Heating needs. We can perform any service from a routine recharge to fabricating an entirely new air
conditioning system. We offer while you wait A/C recharging and can diagnose any Freon leak in a timely manner. We can get your A/C running like it did when it left the factory, without paying factory prices!


We do alignments by hand and can set your car to factory specs or do them to our own custom specs. If you have tried other places only to have your car pull or wander down the road, it is time to get your alignment done right. Not only can we save you the hassle of driving a poorly tracking car, we can even save you money on tires. A proper alignment is critical to the life of your tires and to your sanity!


Asian Automotive is proud to carry a full line of Interstate Batteries. We have been using these batteries for years and nothing even comes close! When you want a smooth starting, reliable battery that carries a LONG warranty, there is no other choice! Call us today to see what we have in stock for your vehicle.

Belts & Hoses

We carry a full selection of belts and hoses. This allows us to give you a quick turn around on routine maintenance and lets you know that you have quality parts on the front of your engine.


Not only do we install and service brake equipment but we can also machine your rotors in house. Our technicians are able install new pads, rotors, fix old drum brakes, install new high performance calipers, bleed and flush you brake system...really, if it helps you stop, we can help do it better!

Cooling Systems

Savannah does happen to get a little hot and muggy every now and then. If you find your car running hot during the summer, bring it in and we can get you running like new again. We do everything from a simple radiator flush to rebuilding your entire cooling system. Asian Automotive of Savannah can install new water pumps, replace radiators, replace fans and diag any problem you may be having.

Engine Rebuilds & Replacements

With the price of new cars reaching even higher highs, many times it is very
economically sound to replace your old motor and keep your car running strong. A new motor can give you better gas mileage, a longer warranty and better reliability, all at a price that is much lower then you may think. Give us a chance to get you an
estimate on a new motor.

Fuel Injections Cleaning & Tuning

Anything with modern fuel injection can be serviced, repaired and tuned right here at Asian Automotive.

Oil Changes

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Tires & Wheels

We have teamed up with several large distributor in order to get you the best deals on wheels and tires. We also offer on site installs and balancing. Before ordering a tire online, give us a call. I promise our prices will surprise you!